domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017

bbc network: A sustainable mixed-use development springs from a Dutch city center like a green-fringed crystal formation

Rendering of the sloped roofs and 45-degree angled buildings at Nieuw Bergen from MVRDV

Imaginary planes at an angle of 45 degrees are drawn from the footprint of neighboring residential buildings, which results in building forms with jagged silhouettes. The 45-degree angles provide the maximum amount of sunlight for the houses and the public spaces and make the roofs less visible from the ground floor.


jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

architect magazine : Regeneración: A Vision for the Campus and District of the Tecnológico de Monterrey

2017 AIA Institute Honor Award Winner in Regional & Urban Design

Since its founding in 1943, Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education has demonstrated an enterprising and ambitious spirit unusual in an academic institution. It was among the first in the country to seek accreditation from the United States Department of Education—thereby drawing students from north of the border—and its campus, designed in the late 1940s, was conceived as a showcase for the best in modernist architecture.

Enrique de la Mora, a key figure in Mexico’s own national brand of Modernism, created a gorgeous suite of buildings for the original campus, which he arranged for optimal exposure to light and air. In the intervening decades, however, subsequent additions have departed from de la Mora’s vision and added architectural clutter, while also cutting off the school grounds from the surrounding city.


ARCHITECTURAL RECORDS: 2017 AIA Conference: Welcome to Orlando

More than 16,000 architects and designers—plus a handful of Architectural Record editors—have descended upon Orlando for the 2017 AIA Conference. With the slate of speakers ranging from Pritzker Prize–winner Alejandro Aravena to former First Lady Michelle Obama, the event is sure to spark lively conversation and interesting dialogue.


viernes, 20 de enero de 2017

dezeen: Skyscraper barcelona

News: Torre Agbar

Jean Nouvel's Torre Agbar skyscraper has been sold for the second time in just three years, as it struggles to hold onto tenants in Barcelona's emerging technology district.

Dirty windows, an awkward donut-shaped floor plan and inoperable sun blinds are among the gripes of the building's previous tenants.

Merlin Properties has just paid €142 million (£123 million) for the 38-storey tower, originally designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, 71, for the water company Agbar Group.

The Spanish developer plans to invest €15 million (£13 million) to refurbish the famously phallic-shaped office block, which is Barcelona's third-tallest building. It will also convert the interior for multi-company occupation.

But it becomes the Torre Agbar's third owner in as many years, and both of its past occupants have described the building as impractical.